Why Purchasing Certified Pre Owned Cars is a Great Decision

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Since 2000, the sale of certified pre-owned cars has escalated to 46 percent. Apart from the fact that they are a more economical option than purchasing brand new, they also carry all-encompassing safety and quality guarantees from the manufacturer. Another great thing about pre-owned cars in Dubai, for instance, is that they tend to offer all of the state-of-the-art technological and performance features available in late-model vehicles. Best of all, they go through a stringent process to ensure excellent quality before they are cleared for sale by any reliable Dubai car dealerships.

The following are more beautiful reasons why you should opt for a used luxury car:

Warranty – You don’t have anything to worry about when purchasing pre-owned cars as they are in great shape, else they wouldn’t be fit for re-sale. However, a warranty is indispensable as this document stipulates that the manufacturer will be legally bound to repair or pay for certain problems that may arise within a certain mileage or timeframe.
Warranties vary from one manufacturer to another, but most of them range somewhere between 3 months (4,800km) to 2 years (39,000km). Plus, there is a special coverage for the batteries in hybrid or electric automobiles. However, if the car you intend to purchase carries a third-party warranty, you need to be careful as it might not offer complete coverage.

Inspection – Another advantage of purchasing certified used cars is that they all undergo 100-point-plus inspections to check for any broken or damaged parts. Every manufacturer comes with different inspection standards, but the process normally revolves around three aspects such as mechanics, safety and appearance. Professionals run a check on the frame, tires, glass, suspension, brakes, lights, hoses, radiator, fluids, belts, body condition, battery, and exterior surfaces. Also, any potential issues are spotted and repaired prior to distribution.
Roadside Assistance – Certified used cars also come with a roadside assistance program in case anything goes wrong. This is the manufacturer’s or pre-owned cars dealer’s way to assure you that you will always get support when you purchase from them.
Vehicle History Report – This is designed to tell you about the car title, title history blemishes, accident history, past ownership, maintenance, flood damage, and faulty odometer settings.

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